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Sick Textile Undertakings (Nationalisation) Rules, 1974.
The British India Corporation Limited (Acquisition of Shares) Act, 1981
The Textiles Undertakings (Nationalisation) Act, 1995
The Textile Committee Act, 1963
Jute Packaging Materials (COMPULSORY USE) Act, 1987
The Jute Companies (Nationalisation) Act, 1980
The Handlooms(Reservation of Articles for Production) Act, 1985
Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme(TUFS)
Handicrafts Sector Scheme
Handloom Sector Scheme
Jute Sector Schemes
Yarn, Fabrics & Made-ups Export entitlement(Quota) Policy 2000-2004 Download (270.67 KB) pdf
    Garment and Knit wear Export entitlement (Quota) Policy 2000-2004 Download (223.73 KB) pdf
      Notification regarding reconstitution of Cotton Advisory Board Download (117.88 KB) pdf
        Repeal of Cotton Ginning and Pressing Factories Act,1925 Download (88.11 KB) pdf
          Notification of Dept. of Revenue Download (120.27 KB) pdf
            Press Note #17 of Ministry of Industry Download (75.92 KB) pdf
              Public Notice #51 of Ministry of Commerce Download (92.34 KB) pdf
                Gazette Notification under JPM Act.1987 dated 31st March, 2000 Download (64.9 KB) pdf
                  Gazette Notification under JPM Act dated 25th Oct.,2000 Download (78.41 KB) pdf



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