Public Sector Undertakings  

  1. National Textile Corporation Ltd. (NTC)  
  2. British India Corporation Ltd. (BIC)  
  3. Cotton Corporation Of India Ltd. (CCI)
  4. Jute Corporation of India Ltd. (JCI)  
  5. Birds Jute Exports Ltd. (BJEL)  
  6. National Jute Manufacturers Corporation (NJMC)  
  7. Handicrafts and Handlooms Export Corporation (HHEC)  
  8. Central Cottage Industries Corporation (CCIC)  
  9. National Handloom Development Corporation (NHDC)  

National Textile Corporation Ltd. (NTC):
History / Brief
The National Textile Corporation Limited (NTC) is a Central Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Textiles which was incorporated in April 1968 for managing the affairs of sick textile undertakings, in the private sector, taken over by the Government. Starting with 16 mills in 1968, this number gradually rose to 103 by 1972-73. In the year 1974 all these units were nationalized under the Sick Textile Undertaking (Nationalization) Act 1974. The number of units increased to 119 by 1995 as NTC took over more mills under its control through Swadeshi Cotton Mills Company Ltd. (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Act, 1986 and Textile Undertakings (Nationalization) Act, 1995. (for details visit Home Page

These 119 mills were controlled by NTC(Holding Company)Ltd with the help of 9 subsidiary Corporations, with an authorized capital of Rs 10 Crores which was raised from time to time and which is now Rs 5000 Crores and the paid up share capital of the corporation is Rs 3062.16 Crores as on 31.03.2013.

BIFR sanctioned rehabilitation schemes for NTC in 2002, which were modified in 2006 (MRS-06) and 2008 (MS-08). All the 9 subsidiaries of the company have been merged with the Holding Company on 01.04.2006, making it a single entity, economizing the scale of operation. Till now, 78 unviable mills have been closed. 40 mills have been identified as viable. Of these, 24 (22+2) mills are being modernized by NTC itself. Till now, 21 including 3 Green Field mills have been modernized as per the details given below, 22nd unit Udaipur Cotton Mills will be set up as Technical Textile Unit, and in the remaining 2 units Coimbatore Spg. & Wvg. Mills Coimbatore and Tirupathi Mills Renigunta short term modernization has been done.  Out of these, 24 mills, 21 mills and NTC-Western Region office have got ISO certification. Joint Venture for 5 mills have been finalized. JV for remaining 11mills have been cancelled. The JV partners moved to court. The case is under Arbitration.

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British India Corporation Ltd.
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  • Cotton Corporation Of India Ltd. (CCI):

    Cotton Corporation of India, Mumbai, is a profit-making Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Textiles engaged in commercial trading of cotton. The CCI also undertakes support price operation (MSP) on behalf of the Government of India. 


    (i) Minimum Support Price (MSP) Operation 

    To protect the interests of the cotton growing farmers, the Government of India announces Minimum Support Price (MSP) of kapas (seed cotton) whenever the market price of kapas falls below / touches the MSP. In such situations, the CCI undertakes support price operation and purchases kapas at MSP without any quantitative limit. The loss, if any, incurred on account of support price operations is reimbursed to the CCI by the Government. 

    (ii) Integrated Cotton Cultivation

    Considering the dependence of indigenous cotton, especially on inputs, credit facility, insurance, marketing etc, Government is promoting integrated cotton cultivation through linkages amongst all concerned. Integrated cotton cultivation will involve corporate sector participation, not only in extension services, but also in making available quality inputs like seed, fertilizer etc. to the farmers to improve productivity and quality of Indian cotton. 

    Handicrafts and Handlooms Export Corporation (HHEC):

    The HHEC is a government company under the administrative control of Ministry of Textiles, New Delhi. The HHEC has been set up with the objectives of export promotion and trade development of handicrafts and handloom products. The corporation is also presently engaged in the development and introduction of jute products for home use in international markets. Major crafts products of Corporation are garments, jewellery, jute and leather products. 

    Central Cottage Industries Corporation(CCIC):

    The CCIC is a PSU under the administrative control of Ministry of Textiles. The main objective of the corporation is to act as a leader, exporter, manufacturer and agent of Indian quality handicrafts and handlooms and to develop markets for these products in India and abroad. Through its export activities, it has been conferred with the status of 'Export House' under the EXIM policy of government of India, entitling it to ceratain special previlages.The corporation has its own production Centre at NOIDA, for manufacture of ready made garments and accessories. 

    National Handloom Development Corporation (NHDC):

    The main objective of the corporation are to ensure easy availability of raw materials and inputs used in handloom sector like yarn, dyes and chemicals and other inputs and to encourage production and marketing of handlooms by opening of marketing outlets. The NHDC has set up marketing complexes at Jaipur, Kochi, Calcutta, Quilon, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Kanpur where variety of handloom products of different state/regions are made available under one roof.